Hello, hello! I’m Hannah, The Baby Maven. I’m a Pregnancy Mentor and New Parent Coach.

My main passion in life is newborns.

And it always has been. Starting at age 10, I started out as a Mother’s Helper, then a babysitter, followed by a becoming a nanny, graduating to a Certified Professional Governess and now I am a Newborn Care Specialist, Pregnancy Mentor, and New Parent Coach.

I am so lucky to do what I adore most in life: I offer love, support and advice to pregnant women and mamas with brand new babies.

My goal is to make pregnancy and bringing baby home, as easy, enjoyable and as balanced as possible for first time mamas.

Here is what I want most for you:

:: I want you to feel confident, in-control and happy.

:: I want you help you to set a great foundation for good sleep, a feel-good routine, and easily understand your baby's cues.

:: I want you to have time for yourself, your partner, your baby and your to-dos!

:: I want to help you avoid those new parent pitfalls everyone complains about like lack of sleep, the witching hour, losing yourself, stress in your relationships, and mom guilt over your parenting choices, to name a few.

:: I want you to have it all and more (which is totally possible, by the way!).

To find out more about how I can help you, see my services!

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