Chaos and Confusion.

Before you had your baby, you were totally rocking at life. You’d found your stride and were thriving in your routine. Life was good. Business was good. Relationships, health, creativity, mindset—all good.

But then you had a baby and things became confusing, unbalanced, chaotic and overwhelming. Want to know why? It’s because that person that you once were—the organized, happy, in-control person—feels like she is nowhere to be found or that she only makes an occasional appearance in your new mama life. And that feels uncomfortable. Don’t worry, that gal is still in there, but you’re putting her up to a task that she had no real way of preparing for so she’s kind of out of her element.

If you want the chaos and confusion to ease up a bit, start by cutting out the comparison of who you were pre-baby to who you are now. You’re still the same person, you’re just functioning in different circumstances. Accepting that you’re still that go-getter woman who ran the show like a boss and that you’re just navigating a brand new, totally unfamiliar phase in life will allow you to feel more connected with yourself. You are still you, and that in-control, balanced way of life is closer than you expect.

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