Common Sleep Q’s, Answered!

Q: Okay for baby to sleep in the bedroom for naps & nights?

A: Absolutely. As long as you create a safe, sleep-conducive environment (dark, cool, white noise, sleep space free of blankets, toys, soft bedding) and have a nice sleepy time routine in place, sharing a room with your newborn is great! If/when your sleep habits start to effect baby or vice versa, you can reevaluate and think about transitioning baby to her own room.


Q: Is the cat napping habit going to take a while to break? How do I break the cycle of cat napping and having an overtired baby?

A: That depends. Cat naps are very common with an overtired baby. To break this habit, try to get her down before she’s overtired (aka during the “magic” window), and she’ll likely take a better nap. If you consistently get her down during the “magic” window for each nap/ bedtime, she will no longer be overtired, and her overall sleep will greatly lengthen and improve. 

Q: When you put baby down for a nap, how much help coaxing to sleep should you do if you know he’s tired?

A: Just a few minutes or however long your sleepy time routine is. If baby is truly tired and you’re putting him down during the magic window, a few minutes of soothing is all that it should take to get him drowsy and ready to put down. If you know that you’ve missed the magic window, be prepared to either (1) soothe for longer than usual or (2) let him fuss it out.


Q: What should be in baby’s crib?

A: NOTHING except baby, his swaddle, and a tight-fitting crib sheet over the mattress. For real. Don’t mess with this. If you think that baby is cold, sleep him in footy pajamas with a hat and fleece swaddle or sleep sack. Blankets, toys, pillows, and bumpers are all dangerous.

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