How to pick childcare.

If you’re like most new mamas out there, you know that it can be a little confusing to figure out which childcare or support option(s) would be the best fit your your family. After all, there are so many different options out there…and aren’t a lot of them the same?!

Well, yes and no. There are some commonalities, but there are also significant differences. To help you navigate the childcare scene, I’ve created an easy chart with some information about each form of childcare and support, with some pros, cons, and/ or suggestions, as I saw fit!

Now, to find the right childcare fit, here are a few tips:

:: Have a plan: It’s helpful to know going into your search what you’re looking for. Take a few minutes to write out how many hours and days of care you’d like each week or month. Jot down what tasks you’d like the caregiver to cover. Think about if you want someone that’s live-in or if you’d prefer over the phone/ computer support. The clearer you are on what you’re looking for, the faster you’ll find what (or who) you’re looking for!

:: Allow plenty of time: the best time to research, test out, and hire childcare support is when you’re still pregnant! The process can take quite a bit of time, especially if you want to research multiple different forms of childcare. Plus, once baby arrives, you might not have the time or energy to find a caregiver that you love. You want the support ready and available when you bring baby home so that you can have help from the start and so you can get used to the caregiver being with baby while you’re still home. Trust me, you’ll be happy that you checked this off of your list early!

:: Trust your instincts: Mommy instincts are crazy good, so when you have a feeling one way about a childcare option or a specific caregiver, I urge you to trust it. Remember, this is your family and you know best, so do what feels good to you.

:: Give yourself permission to change your mind: If you try out one caregiver and then decide that you think another would work better for your family, that’s totally okay.

Cheers to getting the support that you need and deserve, mama!

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