Parenthood is basically high school all over again.

You know that nightmare where you’re at school, walk into class, and suddenly realized that you’re not wearing any pants or that it’s an exam day and you totally forgot to study? You feel queasy. Unprepared. Embarrassed. Stupid. You feel like you should have known better or done something different. That feeling really sucks, right?!

Well, for some mamas, that’s what new parenthood feels like. Only it’s real life and they can’t wake up.

They feel anxious and unprepared, tested and embarrassed, and like everyone out there is watching them fail epically at something they were supposedly “born to do.” It’s terrible. And it shouldn’t be this way.

All of these feelings come from a place of unworthiness. And all of that unworthiness comes from comparisons and unreachably high standards. When you care what other people think and want to fit in with everyone, you set yourself up to fail.

So, here’s the solution. Embrace it. You survived (and maybe even thrived) in high school and you can do the same in new parenthood. No joke, the two experiences are pretty gosh darn similar and so are the “solutions.”

  1. The Bullies: For every single phase in life, there are jerks and judge-y people that come your way. Parenthood is no different. You’re going to have people that try to make you feel bad. You’re going to have to put up with the media’s portrayal of how things should be. Do your best to not let them get to you.
  2. Talents: Some stuff is super easy and second-nature to you and some stuff, try as you might, just does not make sense. Ever. Same goes for everyone else out there.
  3. Find Your People: When you walk into the cafeteria, you want to have a table filled with your people. Same goes for parenthood. You need a support system of people who have your back, accept you, and understand your way of parenting.
  4. Attendance: You’re required to show up and do the work. Whether of not you really feel like it, people expect you to be present. A well placed personal day works wonders in this department!
  5. Teachers: There are people who make it their job to educate you. They have information they think is vital for you to know, and they spend each day trying to convey it. Sometimes this is super useful and interesting, other times, you know from the first few minutes that you are never going to use this information in your life. It’s important to know that even though these people are “authorities” on the topic, sometimes they are wrong. Sometimes the information that they’re sharing isn’t actually right for you and your family.
  6. Tutors: Whether it’s high school or new parenthood, there are people available (like me!) that will work 1:1 with you to make sure that the information being shared is tailored to you and your specific needs. Instead of the broad, blanket style of teaching, this is personalized and specific to you. The ultimate goal is to make sure you get what *you* need out of the material, in a way that feels good, too.
  7. Test: Oh boy, no matter what phase in life, there are always tests….tests of your knowledge, your patience, your stamina, your determination, your attitude, your self-worth. Just remember, while there may be a lot of tests, in the scheme of things, it only really matters how *you* feel about the results. If you’re not thrilled with the outcome, know that another opportunity will present itself for you to try again.
  8. Learning: Things will get easier with time, you’ll find your rhythm, and, looking back, you’ll realize that stuff wasn’t as bad as it may have seemed. When you were first learning how to write, it was a challenge, and now, it’s totally second nature. That’s how parenting is, too. The first few weeks are all new and unfamiliar, but you’ll be a diaper changing, baby soothing, I can do anything with one hand pro, in no time at all.

Since you’re an adult, you obviously survived school, right? And you can do one better in new parenthood. Instead of surviving, I can come on board and make sure that you THRIVE. The best time to start is now, mama. So, let’s chat. Head on over to and we’ll set you up to sail through new parenthood.

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