Sleep Fave: Aden & Anais Swaddles

It’s fall and I’m loving this cooler weather. It makes me want to go for long walks with a pumpkin spice latte, rock out in cute sweaters and boots and, of course, cozy up with a nice blanket by the fire. Ahh, that feels so good!

Just like I enjoy being all cuddled up, your baby does too! I have yet to meet a babe that didn’t LOVE being swaddled, so, before the winter weather kicks in, make sure you’ve got plenty of swaddling blankets, cozy clothes and cocoa (for you, not the baby ;).

I am utterly obsessed with the aden and anais swaddling blankets.

They are the best thing ever when it comes to wrapping up a baby (or two)! The blankets are generously sized (47”x47”) so you can easily wrap it around baby a few times. In other words, baby is happy because the swaddle is nice and snug and you’re happy because baby can’t break free. The large dimensions of this blanket also ensure that will be the only swaddle blanket you’ll ever since it can grow with baby. Plus, because it’s so big, you can easily use it for a twin swaddle! Pretty cool, right? The swaddles come in a few fabrics and they’re all awesome. I’m particularly fond of the muslin ones though. The light, breathable fabric gets softer with every wash (I’ve tested it!) and you can literally use them for a million different things- breastfeeding cover, burp cloth, peek-a-boo toy, security blanket, car seat & stroller cover, tummy time mat, changing pad cover, swaddling or just as a normal blanket. Since these awesome swaddling blankets are so versatile, I recommend getting 4+ per baby. That way, you can have one or two clean in the closet, one in use and one or two in the wash at any given time!

You definitely need to check out these swaddling blankets- I just can’t say enough good stuff about them! Side note- basically every single aden and anais product is amazing so you should give their other items a looksie as well!

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