Having a baby is crazy. Trying to maintain your normal life at the same time is crazy. It’s crazy good. Crazy busy. Crazy fun. And can be crazy overwhelming.

That’s why I’m here!

Whether you still have a bun in the oven and want to set the groundwork for a super easy transition from pregnant to new mama...

Or if your little nugget has already arrived and you want to gain confidence & control, create that perfect balance between baby & biz, get back to feeling like you, and totally rock the new parent game…

I’m here to help!

You want a happy, well-rested, healthy baby. You want a normal routine and some predictability. You want this little one to be the perfect addition to your family.

You want to feel like yourself again. You want “me time” and “couple time” to be a normal part of your life. You want to have date nights, attend your friend’s birthday party and get your hair cut.

You want to get adequate sleep.

You want to keep up the momentum with your business life.

You want to have a smooth transition from pregnant gal to brand new mama.

You want to be an amazing parent. You want to be the mom that has it all together and everyone envies (in a good way!).

People say that being a parent comes naturally. That’s craziness!! There is a major learning curve.

That’s where I come in. If you want it all but don’t feel like doing this whole new parenting thing trial and error style, we’ll be the perfect team.

You can have it all and more. And you deserve to have have it all and more.

I'm all about helping you ease through your pregnancy & enjoy the transition from bun in the oven to brand new mama.

Just like you've hired support and experts to guide you through life so far--doctors, electricians, personal trainer-- you deserve to do the same with your pregnancy & new mamahood. This is an all new phase and it helps to have an expert on hand to walk you through it.

I’m all about helping you to really understand your baby’s cries, cues and innate schedule so you can confidently and consistently respond. You’ll know what to do, when to do it and feel in-control as a new parent. This mean that you'll have predictable down time to practice self-care, relax, get some work done or enjoy an uninterrupted dinner with your partner.

I’m all about making sure that your baby’s needs are met, so that your needs are met.

What if I told you that you could have it all??

A dream maternity leave.  A happy, healthy, well-rested baby. Time to shower, eat and rest every single day. A bond with your little one that’s unimaginably amazing.

A thriving work life. Romantic date nights with your partner.

A sense of confidence, control & balance during your pregnancy & new mamahood. A predictable routine that you can count on. Control as a new parent instead of chaos.

Sounds freakin’ amazing, right?! Who wouldn’t want all of those things?! Well guess what, you can. Together, we can make your transition from pregnant to brand new mama beyond amazing.