The English Family

We are obsessed with Hannah. All of us. Myself, my hubs, the kids. Even our yellow lab Lolie. You will make other people jealous if you score Hannah. She. Is. That. Amazing. You need her. You don't even know how bad you need her, you just do. Just relent and hire her.

The Degnan Family

Although Hannah provided us with many tips and pieces of advice throughout our entire relationship - ROUTINE is the one most important hurdle Hannah helped us nail down. Throughout the first year, a baby's schedule changes many times. She knows the signs to look for and adjusts baby's schedule appropriately. To this day, our babes are on a great schedule.

The Reilly Family

Hannah helped us prepare for the arrival of our daughter with helping us register, suggestions on soothing the baby in the first months and just always ready with advice when we needed it, especially in the beginning when you need it the most.

The Allen Family

Hannah really helped me take a deep breath in those early days - she provided trusted guidance, welcoming arms, and so much more to our little family.